Human Food Machine

Puff Snacks Extruding Line
Corn Flakes Extruding Line
Mini Granola Bar former
Granola Bar Cutting Machine

Pet Food Machine

Pet Treats Extruding Line
Pet Food Extruding Line
Meat Strips Extruding Machine
Dog Treats Injection Molding Machine

Why Smart


Smart supply mechanical CAD drafting & detailing designs based on professinal R&D team,Layout drawing can be supplied before order.

Quality Control

With precise production method, Smart ensure our clients receive the best quality product and constant improvements are made based on customer's feedback.


Smart considers credit and quality vital to our life, coupled with outstanding technology. Always give first priority to quality.

After-sales services

Servicing throughout the entire lifespan of your product, one year warranty provided by Smart Machinery.


As seller of the machinery, Smart ensure the product in compliance and its documentation is complete for customer's market.

Client Feedback

Our customers have been distributed throughout the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and exported to the United States, France, India, Korea, Ukraine, South Africa, Afghanistan, Spain, Malaysia, Jordan, Australia, etc.
  • Australia Customer Test The Meat Strip Machine In Our Factory.Australia Customer Inspected Auto Meat Strip Line.
    Australia Customer
  • India Customer Come To Check Lecithin Treats Extruding Machine.India Customer Visited Smart for Lecithin Treats Extruding Line.
    India Customer
  • Spain Customer Test Cold Extrusion Machine.Spain Customer Visited Smart to Inspect Cold Extrusion machine.
    Spain Customer
  • South Africa Customer Test Pet Food.South Africa Customer visit us on June. 23th. 2018.
    South Africa Customer
  • France Customer Visited Smart.France customer visited Smart for Puff Snacks Extruding Line.
    France Customer

About Us

Shandong Smart Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional food machinery manufacturer located in Jinan, China.
Relying on our own R&D advantages, we can achieve high quality, easy operation machines both for human food and pet food industries. Smart considers credit and quality vital to our life coupled with outstanding technology.
Our machines are now running in many countries and gaining more and more customers due to its reliable and optimal performance 24 hours round the clock service ⏰ Welcome to contact us and we trust that your cooperation with Smart will be mutually beneficial to both sides.

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